We must acquire the relevant knowledge of air express

2016-07-05 11:45
Air express this fast and convenient mode of transport, in the modern era, and very popular, and has become an indispensable mode of transport. Here to explain all system air express knowledge.
The so-called Air Express "refers to an independent legal entity to import and export goods or articles from the sender location by itself or agent of the recipient network operator a quick mode of transport."
First, the emergence and development of air express
If the cargo is being likened to the way into the brilliant prime of life, it can only be regarded as air express budding youth. Only 30 years ago, documents, small pieces of luggage can only be transported through the post office. With respect to the needs of customers, cross-border postal service is not only inefficient, security, accuracy is obviously insufficient, so often plagued by all parties engaged in international trade, international exchange.
Day in March 1969, an American youth in a shipping company and other friends, happened to know the time being there is a German ship moored in Hong Kong and Hawaii waiting in San Francisco versions and bill of lading. If through the normal route, the bill of lading takes a week to get there, the young man raised his willingness to fly to Hawaii files, shipping company executives found by comparing the move can save the expensive use of the port and demurrage charges, so the documents handed over to the young man, after being contacted immediately to complete the task of young friends founded the world's first express delivery company, specializing in the work of the bank transfer, shipping documents, then turn the business expanded to sample other small parcel services. Since the emphasis on rapid, accurate service, from the emergence of courier industry has deeply engaged in multinational business, the financial circles of a warm welcome, very rapid development of the industry
Second, the main business in the form of air express
1. Door / table to the door / table (Door / Desk to Door / Desk)
Door / service desk to form door / table of air express company is most commonly used as a form of service.
First phone call courier company when required by the sender, after receiving the notice sent courier pick-up, and then all shipments are pooled together, sort it according to destination, consolidation, single-system, customs, sent around the world, arrived at their destination, and then by the local branch of customs clearance, delivery procedures, and sent to the recipients. During this period, customers can rely on the courier company's computer network at any time to express (mainly referring to the parcel) of the position inquiry, after shipment delivery to be timely feedback messages through the computer network to the sender.
2. Door / Desk to Airport (Door / Desk to Airport)
Compared with the former service, door / table service to the airport refers to the shipment destination airport than by the courier company to handle customs clearance, delivery procedures and served in the hands of the recipient, but the recipient notification by courier themselves to relevant procedures. In this way mostly customs authorities have special provisions of goods or articles.
3. Personal delivery (Courier on board)
The so-called personal delivery is defined by the person assigned to carry express courier company in the shortest time to express directly to the hands of the recipient. This is a special service, it seldom used.
Compared to these three forms of service, door / table form to the airport in terms of customers is too much trouble, personal delivery the most reliable, secure, and cost is the highest. The door / table to the door / table service between both, for the vast majority of express delivery.
Third, the characteristics of air express
Air Express in many ways, with the delivery of postal services with traditional air cargo business have similarities, but as a dedicated business there it is unique, mainly in:
1. Write a diverse range of
Write range air express documents and packages are mainly two categories. Which mainly refers to file business documents and various printed matter, general requirements for the package gross weight not exceeding 32 kg (including 32 kg) or overpack unilateral no more than 102 cm, three sides do not add more than 175 cm. In recent years, with the air transport industry more competitive, courier companies to attract more customers, the parcel size requirement tends to relax. The traditional air cargo business mainly in trade of goods, the provisions of each cargo volume of not less than 5 * 10 * 20 cm. Postal service places private correspondence as the main business object requirements for each parcel weighing not more than 20 kg, length of not more than one meter.
2. Different operators
Operating international air express mostly multinational companies wholly-owned or joint venture in the form of in-depth business around the world, and establish a global network. Transmission of Air Express are basically done in-house multinational companies. The international postal service is in the form of cooperation between the Universal Postal Union has made most of the world's postal services, mail transfer is completed by two or more national postal authorities cooperation. International air cargo traffic is concentrated mainly in the form of shipping, air cargo agents to entrust or direct by the consignor, the goods reach the destination before the goods to the consignee forwarded by air freight shipments to the relationship between the people on behalf of the hands . In addition to the airline involved in the business, but also to rely on the assistance of air cargo agent.
3. Different forms of organization of internal operators
Traditional theory of operation is the relay postal transport conveyor. Most air express companies have adopted the theory of distribution center or distribution theory known as dial organized global network. Simply put, is the courier company distribution center set up in the center of the actual situation of their business (Hub). Collected throughout the shipment, according to the regional distribution of the finished, loaded on the plane. That night around the aircraft flew to distribution centers, express fly back after their exchange. The next morning, with branch offices throughout the shipment and then by car to the recipient on the desk. In this way it seems very reasonable, but the theory of distribution centers to reduce intermediate links, express clear and simple flow, reduce errors, improve operational efficiency, shorten delivery time, is proved to be economical and effective.