China's logistics industry climate index in June was 55.5%

2016-07-04 16:49
China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing released on the 4th of June, China's logistics industry climate index was 55.5%, 1.3 percentage points last month rebounded. Analysts said the index continues to improve, indicating that China's logistics market activity improved.
    Statistics show that in June, new orders index was 56.8%, 1.8 percentage points last month to rise, showing that consumption has risen, demand continues to improve the logistics industry will maintain steady rising trend; total logistics business increased by potential rebound driven logistics equipment utilization, equipment utilization index was 57% last month picked up 3.7 percentage points, to maintain a high level of more than 55%, reflecting the logistics activities still active; that is busy influence employees index fell 2 percentage points, down to 49.1%, down 50% shrinkage range, was more pronounced cyclical variation; logistics services price index was 50%, last month rose 0.2 percentage points; the amount of fixed asset investment index picked up 1.8 percentage points to 56.5%. The index rebounded for four consecutive months, reflecting the infrastructure logistics operation continued to show improvement in the situation.
    China Logistics Information Center deputy Renhe Hui believes that in June, the logistics industry in total business index rebounded to maintain a high level of more than 55%, China warehousing industry index continues to remain above 50% of the booming region, while inventory turnover the number of index accelerated, showing the supply chain, the downstream business market activity improved. The new orders index rose by more than 1 percentage point, indicating that the foundation of the logistics industry to further consolidate economic growth. From the industry perspective, the courier express industry to continue to maintain rapid growth; road transport to become more active. With production capacity optimization, implementation of the results to the inventory and structural adjustment policies of the show, showing the balanced macroeconomic development has increased.
    He said that in June, China's logistics industry prosperity index, new orders index rose 1.8 percentage points, rose to 56.8%, the business activity index is expected to maintain a high booming region, 60.9% of the high level, indicating that the logistics business logistics industry optimistic development, social logistics run China will remain more active development.